germ - The Generic Entity-Relationship Model


2007-04-22: The problem described in the last news entry went away on its own in the course of the last few months. I haven't had a chance to work on germ lately, but I've thought about it and I think I'm going to implement entity joins soon. It should not be as difficult as I originally anticipated.

2006-11-11: There are currently problems with the online demonstration. As this seems to be a problem with the setup on sourceforge only, this is not a high priority at the moment. The problem seems to be related to pso, the unmaintained session management tool I'm using. So if anyone knows a decent python library for handling HTTP session data, please let me know. I'm sorry if it takes a while until this is fixed.

2006-08-14: The system has now been tested by a number of users. It works in principle, but, as expected, the user interface is currently counter-intuitive and cumbersome. I received a lot of input and hopefully I will come around to improve on the points made. Up to now, however, I concentrated on fixing bugs and I finished the tournament planning system.

2006-06-24: I added a whole lot of small features in the last few days. Germ already supports most of the features I need for lpms, so I will soon start with the tournament system (single/double elimination), which will no doubt pose new challenges to germ. My hope is that the farther development goes, the less I will have to change about germ itself. After all, germ is the generic ER model.

The most notable new feature is probably the list action and the possibility to customize HTML output by special HTML tags. See news.html as an example.

2005-12-30: I finally came around to install a first demonstration. You can view it here. It's quite a complex example of how you can use germ. There's also a diagram of the ER model.

For testing there are two staff-users teststaff and teststaff2 (password equals username). Can you determine testasdf's identity?

Project Description

This document describes the overall ideas and goals of germ: README


germ is still under development and not ready for end users. If you want to try it nevertheless you need the following:

CVS access

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P germ

Mailing list

To post to the list, send email to

Developer Information

If you want to help out, take a look at the TODO list. Of course, I'm open for other suggestions as well. Logo Project Page
Clemens Buchacher 2006-06-24